The NEVGuy offers a wide range high quality tires and wheels to meet your GEM Car driving needs - From performance, handling and high-end styling we have it all. Combine any of our tire and wheel packages with NEVGuy service and your GEM Car will be transformed at your home, shop, or wherever. Remember the NEVGuy travels to you and performs precision, affordable, and punctual GEM Car services.

Please take a moment and review any of the packages below. All offer exceptional handling while adding incredible styling to all GEM Cars. As always the NEVGuy is available to answer any questions you may have on any GEM Car accessories.

16" Aluminum Spoke Sport Pak 205/45/R16
High Performance Handling with Awesome Looks 

14" Aluminum Spoke Sport Pak - 195/60/R14
Handling, Styling with Unmatched Value


13" Sport Steel Pak 175/80/R13
A Nice Upgrade To Any Gem


Off-Road Pak's
All Terrain 22x8x10" with Steel Wheels
All Terrain 22x11c10 with Steel Wheels
All Terrain 22x8x10 with Aluminum Wheels
All Terrain 22x11x10 with Aluminum Wheels


12" Chrome Spoke Rim Pak
Lose Those Hub Caps &  Improve The Appearance

12" White Modular Rim Pak

12" White Spoke Rim Pak

10" Brushed Aluminum Rim Set
Lightweight With High Strength

Steel-Chrome Spoke Rim Centers

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