High Performance GEM Car Charging System For All GEM Cars
Whether your current charger is broken, you want to upgrade your charging performance or switch to the new 150 amp hour batteries - we have the GEM Car charger for you, regardless of GEM Car year or model.

The speed, acceleration and MOST IMPORTANTLY RANGE of your GEM Car is directly effected by the condition and performance of your batteries. Constant "under-charging" and "single-cycle" charging, which is unavoidable with most stock charging systems, will degrade battery performance. 

The SuperCharger system allows batteries to provide peak battery performance by delivering up to a 20% increased charge. In addition, batteries can be maintained at full-charge for any length of time through an innovative "Floating" charge or "Re-Start" features .

Issues with stock charging systems:

  • All GEM cars are equipped with 130 amp hour rated batteries, however the stock charging systems deliver less than a full 130 amp charging. Everyday charging, even at full charge, creates a routine under charge condition that causes sulfur to build-up on the lead plates This build-up restricts acid contact with the the plates, reducing the effectiveness of the batteries. Even newer batteries get tired, while used ones suffer a premature death.

  • In many GEMs, Stock charging systems are only "single cycle" - that is they complete a single charging session and won't continue to charge or maintain a full GEM car charge. This makes it very difficult and inconvenient to keep batteries fully charged for an extended period of time. This results in a drastic reduction in battery life, particularly in vehicles that are stored during an off-season.

  • In the event you have dead batteries, stock charging systems won't turn-on unless your batteries have a minimum charge. Almost every GEM car owner, at some time, has gone through the time-consuming  process of single charging each battery, just to get their stock charger to turn-on.

The SuperCharger is programmed and designed to:

  • Provide a full 130 amp hour charge to maximize your GEM battery power capacity - And now available in 150 amp charging capacity for those upgrading to 150 amp hour batteries.

  • Eliminate sulfur build-up allowing your battery pak to provide optimum acceleration, speed and range.

  • Provide a "Floating" charge that will keep batteries fully charged for any length of time. The charging system is programmed to detect a drop in charge and will automatically restore a full charge.

  • Used for both Lead Acid ("wet") or GEL batteries.

  • Provide an override to charge dead batteries eliminating the need for single battery charging.

  • Extend battery life through peak battery performance and maintenance of full charge.

The SuperCharger is the replacement charger that will support any available battery option - it will be the only charger you'll ever need and offers the following features over a stock charger:

  • Full 130 or 150 AMP Hour charging capacity - 1 charger does both (select-able, supports 130 & 150 AMPH batteries).

  • Overbuilt and heavy duty construction with an industry best 3-year warranty.

  • Under the dashboard mounting option, keeping your charger out of the weather for extended years of service.

  • Programmable floating charge options for everyday, weekly or monthly use and extended storage.

  • Programmable for Lead Acid (Wet) or Gel batteries.

  • Dead battery re-start.

The heaviest duty charger available, with a 3 year warranty AND costs  30% less than a stock charger. This will be the last charger you'll ever buy for your GEM car.

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